UML for Beginners

Martina Seidl, Marion Scholz, Christian Huemer, Gerti Kappel.
UML@Classroom, Springer Verlag, 2015.

UML@Classroom was created based on our many years of experience in teaching object-oriented modeling at the Vienna University of Technology. We address both, readers who wish to learn UML in a compact but nevertheless precise manner as well as teachers, who we want to inspire for their own course exercises with our extensive example repertoire.

We introduce UML as close to the UML standard as possible and illustrate all concepts using intuitive examples. UML@Classroom offers

  • a quick and successful introduction to the world of UML
  • an overview of the UML concepts for beginners
  • a first glimpse at the basics of object-oriented modeling
  • effective and efficient learning of the graphical notation and rules of UML
  • Syntax, semantics and pragmatics of the most important UML diagrams:
    • use case diagram
    • class diagram and object diagram
    • state machine diagram
    • sequence diagram
    • activity diagram
  • insight into the interaction of the different diagrams
  • intuitive, illustrative examples
  • extensive teaching material
  • a compact view of the authors‘ long-lasting experience concerning teaching and researching UML

Publisher UML@Classroom is published by Springer Verlag in 2015.

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